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Palaenas Oet Thorril, Lands of Forgotten Legends, is an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons campaign using the latest version the players can all agree upon, currently 3.5

PC’s begin at the beginning with a mere commoner’s travel pack, some clothes, and nothing fancy… they’re broke and don’t quite know why.

Earning experience is not done the old fashion way through learning from guilds. PC’s learn life’s hardest lessons on the open road. Experience may be gained quicker from a guild, however they teach you to be specialists. Broaden your horizons on your own and find there are many oysters in the world and a few of them do actually produce pearls of wisdom where at a guild you may get one very large pearl in your entire regimen, a lifelong journey nonetheless.

The campaign world is comprised of some of the best campaign settings from old school to new school.

  • Old School
    • Greyhawk
    • Forgotten Realms
    • Oriental Adventures
    • Dark Sun
    • Al Quidim
    • Dragonlance
    • Menzoberranzan
    • Minas Tirith
  • New School
    • Ebberon
    • World’s Largest Dungeon
    • Mithril, The Golem City
    • ... and a few other adventure cities

Come, play, socialize, and let us know how you like Palaenas Oet Thorril. Visit our site currently at… [ ]

Main Page

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